Hrvatska Gospodarska Komora


Jadro wafer

Jadro is a product brand which has been on the Croatian market since 1966. With its quality and unique taste it has gained a large quantity of loyal consumers. Wishing to advance the marketing of Jadro ,to maintain its position on the market and bring it closer to consumers, new packaging and design were developed in June 2004. By using an illustration of the Slavonian plains and its abundant sunshine, and associating this with their fruitfulness, we have given consumers the message that “Jadro” may be eaten at any time. The visual recognition of “Jadro” wafers is confirmed by the warm dominant red colour of the packaging. After the successful issue of “Jadro” classic in October 2004, two more new “Jadro” delicacies have been delivered to the market both with an ideal combination of taste. The new tastes are “Jadro” coconut with chocolate, and “Jadro” coffee with cream, layered with dark rough wafers to better appreciate the enjoyment of these combinations. In April 2006 a further taste combination was delivered; “Jadro” hazelnut wafers with chocolate which combines consumers’ favourite tastes into one perfect product. With its perfect taste combination of milk and the finest cocoa coupled with crunchy wafer “Jadro” was, and will remain, a must for all wafer lovers.