Hrvatska Gospodarska Komora



Bermet is a special liqueur prepared from carefully selected top quality grape varieties, from vineyards situated on the sunny slopes of the Samobor hills, wormwood, Mediterranean fruits such as carob and figs, as well as the fragrant substances of plant origin which give this exquisite drink its specific aroma. Bermet has a deep ruby red colour as well as a rich and noble aroma with a pronounced bitter wormwood taste, and contains 15% to 18% alcohol. This Samobor liqueur is served as an aperitif or a digestif drink and its preparation has been a family secret passed from generation to generation for almost 200 years. After all those years of production, Bermet is still a hand made product. For a long time it was believed that the French brought the Bermet recipe to Samobor in the 19th century as they also brought the recipe for the well-known Samobor Muštarda (spicy mustard sauce). Culinary historians found that such a drink never existed in France and that Samobor pharmacists made Bermet long before the French came. The Filipec family made this original Croatian aperitif (digestif drink) recognisable on the Croatian market. This exclusive aperitif is produced in limited quantities for the connoisseurs who always ask for more – a real oenogastronomic pleasure which brings back the spirit of old times and tradition.